Amanda Blocker, Academic Advisor, Skiles 330, amanda.blocker@lmc.gatech.edu
Jillann Hertel, Creative Director/Career Advisor, Skiles 340, jillann.hertel@lmc.gatech.edu
Appointments via GradesFirst & Email with Questions


1st Year

Learn about the major, meet your Academic Advisor, learn about thread options, campus resources, LMC resources and register for classes.


2nd yr through Graduation

Meet with Amanda about class selection, discuss ideas for study abroad, and get involved with LMC Ambassadors!


Don't hesitate. Don't wait.

Having trouble in a course? Having a tough time? Need to know your options or just need support? Visit Amanda and talk it out. There are a lot of avenues available to help keep you on the path to well being.


4th Year

Link your LinkedIn to our LMC group! Apply to graduate (OAG). Polish that resume and portfolio. Go through your DegreeWorks and meet with Amanda about any needed updates.


All 4 Years

First year, you primarily focus on core classes and intro to LMC — sophomore year declare your threads and then follow them through to graduation. 

Career Planning

2nd yr through Graduation

Book an appointment with Jillann in the Colab to discuss goals, fears, ideas, lack of ideas! Build your portfolio and resume, explore internships and more! Also check out C2D2 for additional resources. 

Be Social

Now and as Alums

Be social at Tech! It is a great place to build your life’s network. GT has organizations, clubs, counseling, ambassador programs and events to keep you engaged. We also love to keep up with you on social media. Tell us about your research and more! Follow @gtlmcdegree and @gtcolab and find the school’s group on LinkedIn & join!