LMC 3226 Major Authors “You Don’t Know Moby-Dick

Herman Melville’s classic novel is much more than a ripping seafaring yarn; it is also a compendium of nineteenth-century technologies. We used a studio model for humanities education to explore Moby-Dick, alternating between discussions of the text (and some related materials), and working in the studio devising forms of mediation, making models from a range of materials, and fabricating full-scale artifacts–all with an eye toward a fuller understanding of both material practices and concepts about hands-on learning. Students’ focus on various materials and practices determined the overall trajectory of the class, including forging a harpoon by hand, making rope and tying knots, and fabricating on a CNC machine a large scale plywood whale skeleton.

T. Hugh Crawford PhD
Associate Professor
American literature, imaging, literature & medicine

Fall 2013’s take-home program

LMC 3410 The Rhetoric of Nonlinear Documents

Focuses on the rhetorical problems posed by hypertext documents. Emphasis in designing for multiple audiences, page and document design, and navigation in a nonlinear environment.

Each fall the students in 3410 create works of art for a photography exhibition open to the Georgia Tech community. The exhibit features not only the artists and their work, but also photographic books they have created, as well as take-home full-color programs for guests.


Rebecca Burnett PhD
Professor & Director of Writing and Communication Program
Risk communication, collaboration, cross-cultural communication, multimodality, technical communication, visual rhetoric

Directed by LMC Major Jack McRee for the International Human Trafficking Institute

In collaboration with Social Justice studies in Literature, Media, and Communication at Georgia Tech and the National Center for Civil and Human Rights as well as the International Human Trafficking Institute.

Vimeo channel for GA TECH Video Production

The School of Literature, Media, and Communication offers classes in Video Production and Advanced Video Production. Students learn everything from directing, lighting, sound, editing, and various styles of filmmaking, branding, and industry techniques. Visit the courses’ Vimeo Channel to view more samples of LMC’s Bachelor of Science students in Computational Media and Literature, Media, and Communication!