The CoLab is located in the Skiles 340 Suite.

What types of projects are appropriate for the CoLab?
• Digital/Graphic Design
• Video Editing
• Creative or Original Writing
• Content Creation: ex. blogging
• Portfolio building projects
• Job research
• Aptitude/Personal Discovery Exercises
• Hands-on creative arts that are space appropriate (watercolor, collage, origami)
• Lynda Training

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CoLab Details

Who the CoLab serves:
LMC and CM Majors
*and team projects with at least 1 CM/LMC major on the team.
How to get time in the CoLab?
The CoLab is open for walk-ins during regular business hours for the Institute.
To request an access code you must be a student within the School of LMC and simply email for the access guide agreement which includes lab rules.