In search of a major that combined her love of health and science with writing, Thais Diaz chose LMC’s Science, Technology, and Culture (STaC) major with plans to enter the medical field post-graduation. Diaz expressed that “The professors and advisors at LMC were always so open-minded, accepting, and encouraging, [and] LMC allowed flexibility to take a variety of classes and even study abroad in Granada, Spain for an entire year.”

Three courses, in particular, helped shape her aspirations:  LMC 2100(Intro to STAC), LMC 3219(Literature & Medicine), and LMC 3318(Biomedicine and Culture) because “These courses provided interesting perspectives from patients, physicians, and caregivers as well as ethical considerations.”

During her senior year, Diaz began thinking of health and nutrition master’s degree programs, specifically the Registered Dietician or Master of Public Health Programs. She ultimately decided on the Master of Public Health (MPH) degree, where her professors and advisors enthusiastically wrote recommendations for her application and offered influential encouragement. Diaz graduated from the University of Georgia with a Master’s degree in Public Health (MPH) and a concentration in Health Promotion and Behavior. Diaz’s research focuses on nutrition and nutrition app technology, obesity prevention, and diabetes.