Meet Your Major!

Bintou Sillah is a 3rd year Literature, Media, and Communication major. She plans on getting two certificates, one in Marketing and another in Social Psychology. She first heard about LMC from a friend and was later drawn to the major because of its emphasis on media, particularly digital media. She loves the array of classes LMC offers, saying, “There are classes in graphic design and video production, there’s classes about race and gender, there’s classes about animation and film history. There’s so many things to learn about, and I think even people without an artsy bone in their body could find an LMC class that interests them. After school Bintou hopes to go into the film/television production and help change the face of the media industry. If she doesn’t end up in the television industry, she wants to work on a marketing team for a non-profit and create digital media for them.


Alex Freeney is a Computational Media alumnus. She started at Tech as an Industrial Design major, but switched to CM after realizing she was more interested in digital design. She likes how CM offers education in both computer science and design theory and appreciates the unique resources LMC provides to make side projects come to life. Alex has created graphic design prints, used VR software, and improved her photography skills through the various student labs within the school. After graduation, Alex moved to Seattle and is working as a User Experience Designer. She says, “CM has provided me with skills in both computer science and design, so I’m excited to use these skills to help create the next generation of digital experiences.” Her job will involve interviewing users, collaborating with business analysts, and working with software developers to steward the future of mobile apps, websites, and digital tools.


Libby Galli is a Literature, Media, and Communication alumnus. Coming into college she was interested in broadcast journalism and LMC seemed like the perfect fit to learn about all different careers within communications. She also likes the freedom the program provides to help her create the career she wants. She also appreciates the closeness of the school, saying, “Small class sizes allow us to connect with the other students in our class and get to know our professors, and because of this we get opportunities that other majors and other schools don’t typically get.” Since graduation in December, Libby is excited to enter into the public relations or corporate communications field. She’s interested in event coordination and any type of external communications that allows her to work and collaborate with other companies and organizations.


Chloe Belangia is a 3rd year Computational Media major with a Certificate in Marketing. She chose CM because of the emphasis on media, as she is passionate about digital photography and the strategy about digital marketing. She loves the intimate environments and familiar faces, project-based classes, and the multitude of design classes that the school of LMC offers. Her favorite class was Technology of Representation, which she says is the best class she’s ever taken. After school Chloe wants to bridge the gaps between technology, communication, marketing, and design. She says, “Companies lacking technologists who can communicate, writers who can design, designers who can market, and marketers who can engineer will not stand as competitively as they could to their target personas. Beautiful innovation targeted towards intentional marketplaces drives success – locally and globally. As a CM student, my goal is to channel that connection into my work. I believe I could bring that channeled passion to any project – growing, learning, and pursuing interdisciplinary strategy as best as I can.”


Sarah Baik is a 4th year pre-med Literature, Media, and Communication major with a minor in Health & Medical Science. She started out at Tech as a Biochemistry major but switched to LMC after being drawn into the creativity and freedom the major would allow her to have, particularly when it came to choosing classes she was really interested in. She says, “Once I realized that I could pick any major and finish my pre-med requirements, I was drawn into the creativity and freedom LMC would allow me to have. I was interested in taking classes that truly interested me, and also loved the creative freedom to be able to pick based on what I wanted to learn about. The chance to integrate liberal arts and sciences appealed to me after being a Biochemistry major for two years.” She also loves the teacher-student relationships within the school of LMC, especially how professors know students personally and care about their interests. After graduating, Sarah wants to go to medical school and become a doctor. If that doesn’t work out, she wants to for an organization doing nonprofit work in the medical field.

Jessica Shamus is a Literature, Media, and Communication alumnus. The LMC major was what first drew her to Tech and she ended up choosing it because it combines the best parts of the arts and sciences. She says, “My favorite thing is the wide variety of interesting classes. I’ve taken LMC classes about biomedicine, Disney, AR/MR/VR, the Arab-Israeli conflict in Palestine, graphic design, philosophy, Victorian literature, social justice, and Shakespeare.” She loves the opportunity to learn about so many different subjects and how they all relate to our culture. After graduating in December, Jessica decided to stay in Atlanta to work with Campus Outreach. Her job will involve working with the resource team to organize and plan events, design digital media, and invest in college students.