2018 graduate, Sarah Baik started out as a Biochemistry major before switching her major to LMC. She recalls, “ I realized I did not enjoy lab as I began to take major-specific lab courses. I always had an interest in working for a non-profit as a doctor and decided that I would still be interested in working at one even if I weren’t practicing medicine.” Baik says Jillann Hertel, LMC career advisor and CoLab founder, helped her with the decision. Hertel introduced Baik to current LMC students who showed her the flexibility and interdisciplinary aspects of an LMC coursework.

As a student, Baik studied under Professor Nassim Parvin and continued working with Parvin for her senior thesis. Baik explains Professor Parvin’s class Critical Theory, Social Justice, and Philosophy of Design ultimately pushed her to realize her love of using design skills for social good.

During her time at Tech, Baik had the opportunity to serve as a UX/UI Intern for startup, DERM for Primary Care. She explains that her concentration in Science, Technology, and Culture helped her to relate to companies within the Tech Industry. Additionally, she was able to leverage the projects she created in her design classes when she interviewed for prospective jobs.

Baik now works for IBM as a Software Designer. She credits her adaptability for connecting seemingly independent fields such as medicine and design to LMC. In retrospect, her journey from Biochemistry major to LMC major to software designer makes perfect sense for where she landed.