Kate Stauduhar chose Georgia Tech to pursue Liberal Arts because she believed it had the perfect blend of technology and the arts. Focusing specifically on Media and Interaction Design, Stauduhar believes the LMC program has emphasized her motivation to pursue the film industry. The faculty and staff attention dedicated to each individual student was what drew her to Liberal Arts at Tech and her LMC community has furthered her love for the school and program.

Adobe Suite has played a large role in Stauduhar’s skill development, as she always works to better her skills for future endeavors. However, her activities outside the classroom are what she claims helped her become successful. “Always prioritize the things you are passionate about. The most important thing I ever did was email and talk with working artists about their experiences and how they got their jobs.” She adds that perseverance and boldness are essential because “Not everywhere accepts resumes online, but that does not mean you cannot make an inquiry about touring, shadowing, or interning. The worst someone can say is no, or to try again later.”

Stauduhar intends to pursue film, animation or visual effects after graduation in Spring 2019. She is grateful for her internship as a visual effects editor with a group of coworkers whose stories and encouragement made working in the industry she is passionate about an inspiration to pursue film and television as a long-term career path.