Graduating from Georgia Tech in 2012, Faraz Kamili says his choice to pursue a degree in Science, Technology, and Culture (STAC) was the best decision he ever made. The STAC degree, now renamed Literature, Media, and Communication, gave Kamili the understanding of how science and technology fit within the social world. Additionally, Kamili developed various skills in analytics, verbal and written communications and critical thinking.

Kamili entered Georgia Tech as a Biology major but soon realized his aspiration to do more than research. Lead by his desire to learn about a diverse array of subjects rather than one specific field, Kamili chose to pursue a degree in STAC. As a student, he took advantage of his major’s unique class offerings. Kamili studied written communication, medical ethics, and Adobe Creative Cloud. When asked about his favorite aspect of the degree, Kamili acknowledged his professors. He claims they always made an effort to encourage his interests across disciplines, and provide resources for projects both in and out of class.

Kamili had the opportunity to work as an assistant to one of his professors, serving as a project planner for the Georgia Tech Neuro Humanities Conference. Applying skills learned in class, Kamili spearheaded the design of the conference’s website as well as event logistics.

Currently, Kamili works as a Design Program Manager at Facebook. He continues to think critically, execute, and create just as his major prepared him to.