Mixing liberal arts with science may seem unordinary, but at Georgia Tech the two areas can be highly interconnected. The unique liberal arts program allows its students to explore their natural curiosity and interests. As an LMC and pre-health graduate, Subramani claims she was equipped to delve into all her various passions while developing a different perspective on medicine. The opportunity to learn about visual communication tools, social issues, and their intersections with science and culture is what she states will help her excel in medical school. Subramani shares “LMC gave me many opportunities to grow, discover, and create my own personalized career path. Of the classes I’ve taken at tech, my favorite has been LMC 3318 (Biomedicine and Culture) with Professor Anne Pollock because it opened my eyes to medical technologies, professional medical roles, and their respective cultural implications.” Subramani is excited to continue viewing medicine through LMC’s multidisciplinary lens at the George Washington School of Medicine and Health Sciences in D.C.! She is also a member of the Medical Humanities scholarly concentration. It allows her to apply the integration of science, technology, and culture perspectives she gained through her LMC degree to how she views and interacts with her future patients and healthcare professionals.