I chose to pursue an LMC degree because of the variety of classes offered. Not only do I get to take classes that pertain to my interests like filmmaking, but I also get to explore other fascinating subject matters like poetry and document design. It also doesn’t hurt that the teachers in the LMC department are the coolest people on the planet. The passion that the LMC professors have is so infectious that I couldn’t help but become heavily invested in the subject material. I can’t say enough good things about the faculty. They’re such incredibly open-minded people and they have taught me things that I will hold on to for the rest of my life.

If I were to choose a favorite class, I would have to go with LMC 3406 (Video Production) with the legendary John Thornton. If you love hands-on learning environments, this is the class to take. A close second would have to be LMC 3259 (Experimental Film) with the extraordinary Gregory Zinman. Where else will you watch a film that causes you to hallucinate and takes you on a psychedelic journey of enlightenment?

As far as my hopes for the future are concerned, I’d love to do something in the film/entertainment industry. Atlanta’s market is booming, and I feel like I’m right where I want to be. As of right now, I’m acting and auditioning a lot for some really cool projects. I did an HGTV commercial where I played a husband on one of those home renovation shows (Yes, it’s all staged. I apologize if this shocking news.). In between takes, my “wife” and I hung out with the camera operator who would show us mind-boggling card tricks. I am having fun and taking advantage of all Georgia Tech and Atlanta has to offer!