2018 graduate, Daniel Kang, chose Georgia Tech because of the entertainment industry in Atlanta. Thus, the beckoning call of video production and film history courses heavily influenced his decision to join the LMC community. Although Kang was always interesting in acting and film, he didn’t take his passions seriously until his freshman year when he began attending a weekly acting class in Buckhead and joining DramaTech. Now, Kang has a supporting role in an upcoming Netflix Original series premiering later this year called “Insatiable”.

From on and off-campus classes to organizations, Kang took advantage of every opportunity he found related to entertainment. “Working in the film industry can be very spontaneous, and the people working in it have inflexible schedules which can be tough for students. The best thing to do is maintain constant communication with teachers and advisors.” He adds that positivity and perseverance are crucial characteristics for this field because “acting is a marathon, not a sprint. There are always going to be people that are younger, more experienced, etc. so the best thing you can do is be yourself.”

Kang plans on continuing to pursue acting in either Atlanta, Los Angeles or New York. He hopes “Insatiable” will be renewed for a second season, allowing him to stay in Atlanta and work on building a full-fledged film program for Georgia Tech so that more students can be immersed into the booming market.