B.S. in Literature, Media, and Communication, Summa Cum Laude

Account Manager, Facebook

Community, growth, and impact: Three staples of the Literature, Media, and Communication program that helped shape me into the critical thinker and visionary I am today.


Four years ago, like many of my friends and classmates, I wasn’t exactly sure of where life would take me and what I wanted out of my future career. Would I make waves in the world of computer engineering? Would I end up on Wall Street after studying economics? Would I help Nintendo create their next big video game through programming? Looking back, the answer to each of those questions was no; however, I find myself living out my current dreams and aspirations all because of Georgia Tech’s very own Literature, Media, and Communication program. While I may not have had the “traditional” Georgia Tech experience packed full of physics labs, circuit boards, and compiling errors, I did get to experience a unique and enriching educational environment that fused liberal arts with STEM in such a fulfilling way.


LMC is a vibrant community full of unique classes, challenging coursework, motivated students, and exceptional faculty and staff. During my four years in the program, I had an amazing opportunity to encounter so much diversity, whether that came from course material, the thoughts and opinions of my classmates, or even the interesting and unique approaches my professors would take to teach us. Each class was something new and exciting, and I was able to become proficient in a range of skills from a wide set of classes. I was able to mold my passions for design and wayfinding in my Information Design course, code a Twitter bot in my Computational Media course, and even crocheted a 3D model out of yarn for a final project about textiles in my Visual Design course. With such unique course curriculums, I often found that my projects were fun and exciting because my professors gave me the opportunity to apply my own research and interests into my coursework.


Not only were my courses unique, but the diversity of the LMC program was so enriching and welcoming as well. My professors and fellow classmates challenged me to understand, analyze, and critique unique perspectives, while giving me the opportunity through coursework and discussion to voice my own. My professors even got to know me on a personal level that didn’t just stop at the classroom door. I was able to get career and life advice that helped shape me into a better version of myself, which ultimately pushed me to apply for a wide variety of career opportunities that I became passionate about due to my unique education experience.


While my journey at Georgia Tech might be finished for now, I’m so excited for everything that has been coming together since. I am now an Account Manager for Facebook at their office in Austin, Texas. In my role, I get to speak with clients to help them better understand the opportunities, as well as the challenges, of digital advertising and how to use Facebook as growing channel of communication. Of course, I’ll always be nostalgic about my experiences at Georgia Tech, but I know that I wouldn’t be here today without all of the support I have received from my LMC family.