Brian Robins credits his success as an Account Manager for Facebook to three staples of LMC – community, growth, and impact. During Robins’ time at Tech, he was able to mold his passions for design and wayfinding, code a Twitter bot, and crochet a 3D model out of yarn for a project about textiles. He says, “Not only were my courses unique, but the diversity of the LMC program was so enriching and welcoming as well. My professors and fellow classmates challenged me to understand, analyze, and critique unique perspectives, while giving me the opportunity through coursework and discussion to voice my own.”

His experiences in his classes encouraged him to apply to a variety of career opportunities, and he ultimately decided to accept his position at Facebook’s Austin, Texas office where he speaks with clients to help them understand the opportunities and challenges of digital advertising and how to use Facebook as a growing channel of communication.