In my five years as a Literature, Media, and Communication (LMC) major at Georgia Tech, I was fortunate to experience incredible growths and shifts in the liberal arts culture at one of the nation’s top engineering universities. While the subject matter may differ from more traditional STEM programs, the qualities embodied by the liberal arts students and teachers represent the exceptional talent, work ethic, and dedication of every individual at Georgia Tech.

The extracurricular opportunities provided to me during my time in LMC allowed me to explore my passions for communication outside of the classroom: I was an anchor and editor for the Georgia Tech Cable Network, I served as an Ivan Allen College Ambassador and recruited students at FASET, and it was truly the greatest honor for me to be the first liberal arts major selected as the Commencement Speaker for graduation.

I never would have pursued those dreams if it weren’t for the exceptional professors and advisors in LMC. Because of the small class sizes and discussion-based curriculum, every one of my teachers knew my name and personal aspirations. In my final year, I met weekly with my advisor (the incomparable Jillann Hertel!) for an independent study and career advice. These people truly cared about me as an individual and gave me every tool I needed to succeed at Georgia Tech and beyond.

One of my favorite aspects of the LMC program were the course offerings. I was lucky enough to take the History of Rock n’ Roll, Experimental Film, and Creative Writing: three things I never thought I would see at Georgia Tech! Although these courses were uniquely challenging, it was incredibly encouraging to have professors and classmates who were genuinely interested in the subject matter.

The creative, performative, and digital media training I received helped inspire my passion for nonprofit arts organizations. With recommendations from professors, I applied for and interned with two such organizations: WonderRoot and Art Papers.

Similarly, the motivation to apply for my first full-time job came from my advisor. She encouraged me to email the Marketing Director for The Woodruff Arts Center so that I could learn more about arts marketing; our email exchanges turned into meeting for coffee which turned into an informal interview. Next thing I knew, I had an internship with one of the nation’s largest performing arts centers!

I have since transitioned into my first full-time job as the Marketing and Communications Specialist for The Woodruff Arts Center. As a member of the marketing team, I create branded content for press releases, newsletters, and digital media. With my background in digital communications, I was also able to take a leadership role in creating, managing, and analyzing The Woodruff’s social media strategy. Being able to play a part in the marketing and branding of a large organization has been an incredible experience with responsibilities, challenges, and opportunities that have given me skills I will use for the rest of my professional life.

Even when I was unsure of my own talents and my “place” at Georgia Tech, my LMC professors and advisor believed in me and nurtured my potential. LMC students receive one-of-a-kind training from dedicated professionals who prepare them for any type of media communications opportunity.