Ariel Thilenius was a five year Literature, Media and Communication major who experienced the incredible growths and shifts in the liberal arts culture at one of the nations’s top engineering universities. She attributes her passion exploration to extracurricular opportunities such as serving as an anchor and editor for the Georgia Tech Cable Network, acting as an Ivan Allen College Ambassador and FASET leader, and being the first liberal arts major Commencement Speaker at graduation.  However, she claims she would have never pursued her dreams if it weren’t for the exceptional professors and advisors in LMC.

The small class sizes and discussion-based curriculums made course offerings Thilenius’ favorite aspect of the LMC program, “The creative, performative, and digital media training I received helped inspire my passion for nonprofit arts organizations. With recommendations from professors, I applied for and interned with two such organizations: WonderRoot and Art Papers.”

After graduation, Thilenius transitioned into her first full-time job as the Marketing and Communications Specialist for The Woodruff Arts Center, where she created branded content for press releases, newsletters and digital media. Starting in July 2018, Thilenius assumed the role of the Creative and Marketing Coordinator for Jamestown. On the side, she runs her own blog called My Pink Docs aimed towards bringing an authentic, informative, and humorous voice to substantial issues multifaceted millennial women face.