As a STaC (now known as LMC) major at Georgia Tech, I was fortunate to have many opportunities I couldn’t get anywhere else on campus. The professors and advisors knew my name, knew my career interests and were invested in my success. This would have been very difficult to achieve in a larger program.

I was very involved in the program itself, representing the School of Literature, Media, and Communication in the Student Government, I helped to recruit students at FASET/Connect with Tech and was the President of STaC Society. I also became involved in undergraduate research as a PURA (President’s Undergraduate Research Award) recipient and worked closely with a Faculty member to write my undergraduate research thesis.

My favorite part of being an LMC major were the Gender Studies classes I got to take and the feminist literature I read. It was amazing to then tie the knowledge I acquired in class to my undergraduate research thesis with Dr. Carol Senf.

All of the leadership, writing, and learning opportunities helped me to grow into alignment with my career. Upon graduation, I became the Assistant Marketing Manager at Sodexo and then moved into a Marketing Manager role within 2 years. Following 3.5 years at Sodexo, I became the Marketing & Communications Manager for the Woodruff Arts Center, where I led advertising campaigns, wrote press releases, and managed various programs and initiatives for the Woodruff Arts Center. I now am a Senior Consultant at Beautycounter.

In my role as Marketing & Communications Manager, I lead advertising campaigns, write press releases, and manage various programs and initiatives for the Woodruff Arts Center.

I can truly say that my experiences in the LMC program have made me a better manager. LMC helps you become a well-rounded person.