Featured Intern, Brian Robins

Facebook, Brand Initiatives Intern for Global Accounts


Featured Intern, Alexis Taylor

Atlanta Hawks, NBA Franchise: Multimedia Production Intern










How She Found the Internship: 

GT Chapter of the American Marketing Association, via Marketing Career Fair

Most Memorable Advice:

“Do the tasks nobody else wants to do, and do them better than any body else could.”

Memorable Moment:

“During home games, I sit at the baseline and film with the giant camera. It is my favorite part of the job—I have almost been wiped out by Lebron James.”

The 3 Most Important Classes in Relation to My Internship:

LMC 2720 Principles of Visual Design

LMC 3406 Video Production

LMC 3258 Documentary Film

“What I liked about these classes was that the professors taught more than history and theory: they were hands on technical classes where I left the courses knowing new skills.”

“What I love about LMC is that instead of just being taught facts, we are really taught how to learn, to analyze, to question.”


“Having this internship solidified my decision to incorporate video production into my job and taught me the hands on skills I needed to pursue my dream.”

*After college, Alexis worked in Atlanta as a video producer for a marketing agency and has recently started her own Video Production company in Seattle.

LMC 4904: Internship for LMC Elective Credit

Students may intern for credit at an outside company/organization or at Georgia Tech. Credit hours awarded are contingent on your internship’s work hours.

Career Preparation

LMC has its own resident career professional to assist students with resumes, cover letters, portfolios, writing samples, research, and passion exploration.