Computing and New Media
  • Atlanta Braves (Web design and development)
  • CNN Interactive (Webmaster)
  • GT Network (Network solutions)
  • MediaHead (Web design and development)
  • IBM (Information design)
  • IXL (Web design and development)
  • Tango Networks (Web design)
  • SouthNet (Web design and development)
Graduate Programs
  • Environmental Policy (Energy and Resources Group at UC Berkeley)
  • English (Masters in English Education at UGA)
  • New Media Studies(M.S. in Digital Media at Georgia Tech; Ph.D. in the Media Lab at MIT)
  • Law (Univ. of Colorado School of Law ; Univ. of Tennessee School of Law)
  • Public Policy (Georgia Tech)
  • Science Journalism (Boston University)
  • Creative Writing (MFA in Indiana University, Bloomington)
  • Brokaft Financial (Documentation specialist)
  • Buildings Publications (Technical writer)
  • Community Medical Network Society magazine (Managing editor)
  • Eastgate Hypertext Publishing (Editor)
  • Engineering &Management Press (Publishing)
  • Macquarium (Project writer)
  • PriceWaterhouseCoopers (Publications editor)
Teaching and Public Policy
  • Atlanta's A.D. Williams Elementary School (Teach for America)
  • Darlington Middle School, Rome GA (Math and computing)
  • Private high school (English)
  • Colorado General Assembly (Legislative assistant)
  • Georgia Tech Research Institute (Research associate)
PR, Consulting, and Marketing
  • AMUPRO Electronics (Product manager)
  • Atlanta's Shepherd Spinal Center (PR Coordinator)
  • Georgia Tech Alumni Association (PR)
  • Pearl.net internet technology sales (PR)
  • PriceWaterhouseCoopers (Consulting)
  • The Residential Inspector of America (Marketing Director)
Broadcast Journalism
  • CNN (Production assistant)
  • BellSouth Buzz (Channel Producer)
  • NBC Sports (Production assistant)