Welcome to the School of Literature, Media, and Communication at Georgia Tech!

LMC majors have the choice of following 2 out of 6 LMC Degree threads: Literature, Media, Communication, Design, Social Justice, and STAC (Science, Technology, and Culture).

Freshmen do not need to choose threads until their progress towards the degree calls for it (usually by sophomore year). Take your time and research the course offerings within each thread. If you are not sure which to choose, try highlighting the classes that you find interesting on this PDF and see which categories have the most highlights.

Suggested Schedule for New Freshmen:

Fall Semester (12-13 credits recommended)

LMC 2000: Introduction to LMC (3 credits)

MATH 1711 or 1712 (4 credits)

Social Science (3 credits)

ENGL 1101 or 1102 (3 credits)


*with the high volume of students entering Tech with 1101 completed, there may not be space in the fall sections of ENGL 1102: no problem! There will be several more sections available in the spring semester.

Look instead for an Ethics (3 credits, 2000-level or higher) or Wellness (2 credits).

How to Register

First log into BuzzPort with your GT credentials

Then to search for classes use GT’s Schedule of Classes

Enter the subject area first and then add additional information if you know it. Otherwise, you can simply hit “class search” at the bottom of the screen.

Once you have courses selected write down the Course Reference Number – also known as “CRN.”

The CRN is what you will need to type in when you are registering. People usually gather all of the CRNs first and then go on to the step of registration.

Now with your CRNs ready, you can go to BuzzPort and select Registration – OSCAR

and follow the links from there.

You will hear of a (mostly) helpful app called CourseOff. Although this is not a Georgia Tech affiliated site, students love to use it to visualize their schedules.

The reason it is mostly helpful is that since it is not owned by Tech it may be missing information. Likewise, it will not have the course descriptions on it nor adequately show any course restrictions, prerequisites, etc. However, it is a nice visual aid for laying out your selections on a colorful calendar, it also allows you to save various versions of your schedule choices in the case that some of your first selections are at capacity.

*Therefore, when using CourseOff, students should use GT’s Schedule of Classes along with it.

What if a course is restricted or at capacity?

If a course is restricted you may request a permit. However, please understand what the restrictions are by looking in GT’s Schedule of Classes before you make a request. This way you will know if your request makes sense. You may also wish to search the words “gatech” – “permit” and the subject, such as “Biology” in your web browser to find any additional departmental information on their individual department’s permitting practices. Not all departments handle permitting the same way. However these directions are the most common.

If a course is at capacity then you are seeking what is called an overload request. These are handled the same way as permit requests.

Note: LMC only handles LMC permits, Biology handles Biology’s. Therefore the LMC Advisor will not be able to assist you with a permit or overload for any courses outside of LMC. Seek information from the corresponding academic unit.


DegreeWorks is the Registrar’s automated system for tracking your progress. You have access to this anytime. The important thing to know about DegreeWorks is that it is automated and it is not always correct. Your Advisor can assist you with moving items in DegreeWorks to their correct locations in time for graduation. When in doubt, check with your advisor!

*Please note: Some LMC courses are options under multiple threads. You may not double-count these courses. You can request for a course to count specifically for one thread or the other by contacting your advisor.

DegreeWorks will not filter your LMC classes into threads until you are ready to declare your two thread choices. That is okay!

Declaring Threads

To declare your threads for DegreeWorks follow these steps (when you are ready).

*Please note: Your advisor is not able to change your threads.

Yes, you can change your threads if you change your mind!