Amanda Blocker

Amanda Blocker is the academic advisor for Literature, Media, and Communication majors. She has over six years of academic advising experience and enjoys helping students navigate their way through college. As a former English literature major, Amanda understands and appreciates the value of a liberal arts degree and has experienced first-hand how a passion for creativity, communication, and critique translate in the workplace and the global community.

Advising Updates

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Please use Gradesfirst (link below) to schedule an appointment with me! 

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Advising Scheduler

Important things to note for spring registration:

  • When Phase I begins, all LMC courses will have low seat availability. As each registration group begins, we will add more seats to the courses. Enrollment caps will be set after freshmen time tickets open. We do this so that seniors through freshmen have more equal access. 
  • Non-LMC majors with LMC Humanities questions: 2050, 2400, and 3402 are major restricted and those restrictions will not be lifted.
  • LMC 2400 Intro to Media Studies has two sections in the spring. Section Q is restricted to LMC majors during the first week of Phase I. Section G is for CM majors only and no exceptions will be made.
  • LMC 3403 Technical Communication is offered under multiple sections, though some (with BA section codes) are restricted to business majors. 
  •  LMC 4000 Senior Seminar replaces all previous iterations of senior seminar course numbers, except LMC 4500 Seminar in Film Studies. LMC students can take either LMC 4000 or 4500 to satisfy their senior seminar capstone requirement. These will not be offered in summer semesters. You may also opt to pursue a senior thesis, though this has additional restrictions and requirements:
  • LMC Design Courses: LMC majors should prioritize taking LMC 3402 Graphic and Visual Design first. Priority for LMC 2720, 2730, 3705, and 3710 is given to CM students and LMC seniors. Prerequisites are also enforced. LMC x7xx courses are permit only (no waitlist).
  • Unpaid internship course credit is generally handled by our internships and career advisor, Jillann Hertel. However, she is on leave through December, so you will need to contact Dr. Reilly instead.
  • Questions about another subject area? Departmental contact info here:

LMC has our very own career advisor, Jillann Hertel! For more information and scheduling an appointment, visit:

She also assists with LMC-related unpaid internships. More information here:

OAG (Online Application for Graduation) Deadlines:

Fall 2019 Graduation – August 23, 2019

Spring 2020 Graduation – January 10, 2020

For information on the OAG, please visit:


Why doesn’t my degreeworks match my major checklist?
Degreeworks is based on your current catalog and any checklists/paperwork you have may not correspond with the correct catalog. Degreeworks is THE platform used to review and confirm your degree status. If you have questions or concerns about your degreeworks, please reach out to your advisor asap.

Why isn’t my minor showing up on degreeworks?
If you are pursuing a minor but have not officially declared it, you will want to complete the change of minor form prior to submitting the OAG. To officially declare a minor, you must meet with your current academic advisor and the academic advisor for the minor. More info at the link above.

  • FASET for new freshmen:

At FASET (Georgia Tech’s new student orientation program), students can expect to meet with their academic advisor to review any AP/IB/dual enrollment credit and to create a schedule for fall semester. 

  • FASET for new transfers:

Students transferring from another university into the LMC major can expect to meet with their academic advisor to review all previously completed credit, to create a schedule for fall semester, and discuss an approximate date of degree completion. 

To register for FASET or for FASET FAQs, please visit:

Academic Standing

In order to be in good standing with the university, you need to achieve certain term and overall grade point averages. If you do not meet certain term and overall GPA designations, you may end up on Warning, Probation, Review, or Drop/Dismissal. For more information, please visit:

Academic advising is required for all LMC majors on Probation.

Grade Substitution Policy

Students may repeat a course for grade substitution up to two times. This new policy replaces the previous one and is effective Summer 2019. For more information, please visit:

Please visit for a list of common forms and links to their .pdf versions.

  • Financial aid — for questions about tuition and scholarships (HOPE, ZELL, etc)
  • Admissions — for questions about requirements to attend Georgia Institute of Technology
  • Registrar — for submitting transcripts, turning in many institute forms, the academic calendar, and more
  • Counseling — for mental health support and assistance
  • Center for Academic Success — for tutoring, coaching, and other programs to help you succeed