XDM (Experimental Digital Media) at Waterloo

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Enrollment is still open for the XDM program at the University of Waterloo. XDM gives students hands-on experience with digital tools in a flexible environment for reflection, design, and play. Students work out of the downtown location of the Critical Media Lab in Kitchener, and are part of a vibrant community of critical-digital thinkers and makers. Students in the program have gone on to do great things, like working as Creative Lead for a design firm in Toronto, curating digital art projects, developing online teaching tools, teaching media in high school, and doing a combined PhD in English and Systems Design Engineering. Also, students are guaranteed funding, which means they don’t have to pay tuition, and they get experience as either a Teaching Assistant or Research Assistant. They can also do a Co-Op term and actually make money during their degree.

Check out the web site here: https://uwaterloo.ca/english/node/747