Writing Opportunity with Armchair All-Americans

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Armchair All-Americans is looking for talented young writers to cover Yellow Jackets athletics and local pro sports (within 100 miles of their location) including the NFL, NHL, MLS, MLB, and NBA or general writing for each of the Power Five college conferences (Big Ten, Big 12, Pac 12, ACC, and SEC). Sections of their site are also dedicated to esports, auto sports, tennis, MMA, golf, fantasy sports and sports gambling and if these are potential interest topics. Additionally, they are also looking for people to run their school’s, conference’s or pro league’s Armchair social media accounts. Applying for social media is at the same link below.

Across the site are nearly 200 college-age writers covering local teams and/or their colleges. Writers are only required to write one article per week, though they are free to write as often as they want. At the moment, their college pages cover the school’s football, baseball, and basketball teams. Writers choose their own topics for each article and choose a day of the week that they will have a new article due.

The time commitment is minimal for busier students as they require only however long it takes them to write one article with a minimum of 300 words per week. There are other opportunities as well, including social media responsibilities and promotions for writers willing to put in extra work.


Writing positions are not currently paid, though as a company they believe that all of their writers deserve some sort of compensation and plan to set a pay system up once funding is acquired.


Any students interested in joining are encouraged to fill out this application (https://tinyurl.com/y7svqv6z).

Applicants can expect to hear back within seven days. If accepted, there will be a brief orientation sent to the applicant’s email that they will be expected to fill out within a week after receiving it. They will be added to the site and will be ready to write once the orientation is submitted.

Interested students are encouraged to reach out to ACC Department Head, Isaac Schade, with any questions they have. He can be found at isaacschade@gmail.com.