Voice Actors Needed

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Julia Clendenin is a Science Fiction Fellow at Sci-Fi Lab @ Georgia Tech. She has written a radio drama and plans to produce it for the Sci-Fi Lab Podcast (the Sci Fi Lab podcast is created by Science Fiction Research Fellows working under the supervision of Dr. Lisa Yaszek in LMC. It is available to the public.

Set in 1890s Germany, the radio drama follows Dr. Traeger and his practice at the Körperheilung Ward, the most prestigious psychiatric institute in the country. Dr. Traeger is tasked with healing Marna, a subject unsolvable by all physicians before him. Their interactions and his unique method of curing her are rooted in science fiction. The genre is horror/the grotesque.


She needs voice actors for the following characters:

Reach out to sfradiodramaarchive@gmail.com to state what roles you’d like to audition. You will receive a reply including a few lines for the drama and their context. They will ask you to record your voice reciting those lines on whatever microphone is best (e.g. your phone). Accents are not required.


If chosen, you will work together to create a recording schedule.Recording start date is September 16th.