Verge Campus Journalism Opportunities

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Do you love writing in your free time? Are you Interested in being a journalist or a blogger? Do you want your articles to be read by other students at your school and colleges across the nation? Become a volunteer writer for Verge Campus!
Write about what interests you, add to your resume, and get your work published on the Verge Campus website and maybe even in the Verge Campus Magazine!
This includes:
  • Writing content for (about any local and national topics in which you are interested)
  • Editing content before it is posted to the website
  • Promoting Verge Campus (to grow the number of writers and to tell people to check out your published work!!)
  • If you like, you can even get paid to help distribute magazines!
If this sounds like something that would interest you, please contact Taylor Williams at for more information and next steps.