Undergraduate Scientific Illustrator Mentorship

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A Bioengineering PhD Student working in Dr. Gabe Kwong’s Laboratory for Synthetic Immunity at Georgia Tech is looking to mentor an undergrad student interested in designing animations, figures, and cover art for scientific publications and conferences. This would be very laid back, working as much or little as you like, and getting early experience as a Scientific Illustrator.

Essentially, the goal is to design visuals to communicate science to a broad audience, including both highly trained experts as well as the lay person. He would present your work at scientific conferences, and your work could potentially end up on the cover of the journals we publish in, like Nature. Just basic skills with illustrator, photoshop, and any animation software will be great.

The PhD student’s work is focused on biological computing and synthetic biology, where he takes pieces from living systems to build molecular components capable of performing computation. For example, his team wrote a “bioprogram” made entirely from proteins and nanoparticles that can be combined with infected blood, identify the strain and quantity of bacteria, then calculate and output a digital drug dose.

If this sounds like something you would be interested in, or would like to learn more about some of the career opportunities, please email Brandon Holt at brandon.holt@gatech.edu