Two Week Fiction Workshop Coming This Summer

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“I look forward to helping students hone their craft, enter the literary dialogue with their own work, and become more aware of how to navigate the publishing landscape.”

Kathy Goonan

In this intensive two-week fiction workshop, led by award-winning science fiction author Kathleen Ann Goonan, students will gain skills that will help them take their fiction to the next level. Modeled on the immersive Milford-style critique method used at Clarion Workshops (sometimes called “a boot camp for writers”), the class will consist of in-class critiques of student stories and on the process of subsequent revisions.  It will include lectures on and discussions of the elements of good fiction, including character development, pacing, plot, voice, and style, and will also focus on process of getting published.  The goal of the class is to refine one’s own story and, through research of markets, contests, and grants, develop a viable submission plan for this and subsequent stories.  Students may obtain a permit by sending a writing sample of at least five double-spaced pages to Ms. Goonan ( for evaluation; a full story must be submitted by May 15th or earlier for distribution to the class. These stories may be science fiction, fantasy, mainstream, literary, or experimental. The class will be limited to 15 students.

Class Description: LMC 4813

Intensive Fiction Workshop

5/22/17-6/2/17 MTWR 9-4

Skiles 343

Kathleen Goonan, Lecturer