TODAY: Student Work Displays in Skiles Hallways

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Join us! Tuesday at 11am in Skiles Hallways:

An exhibition comprised of final group and individual projects from LMC 3402: Graphic and Visual Design and LMC 3705: Principles of Information Design with Mark Leibert (aka/bundled as Skiles Studio) will be on display starting at 11am. They will be unveiling a new mural, an interactive game, a poster campaign, ceramics, infographics, and art.

The exhibition will take place in the lobby of LMC, the hallway outside of CoLab and CoHub, and Skiles 346 and 357.


And at 11:30am, please join us for a class exhibit of projects from this semester’s inaugural LMC/ML cross-listed course: LMC 6320/4200 ML 4813:Culture, Media, and Technology: Tensions Between the Local and the Global in Atlanta and Beyond.

Students will be sharing research from their Atlanta-focused final class projects. Please stop by for snacks, refreshments, and conversations about class projects in the Skiles building, 3rd floor in the main administrative office hallway from 11:30am-12:30pm.