Thank a Teacher

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As we come to the end of the semester, I hope you will find ways to help the Center for Teaching and Learning reward effective teaching!  

Perhaps you have a plasma screen in your department—and you can display the attached picture. Or perhaps one of your student organizations can encourage peers to say “thanks” to faculty, teaching assistants, mentors, and advisors who have made a difference in their education. Or maybe you have a website or newsletter where you can publicize that “Thank a Teacher” is a great way to let people know that students value good teaching.

The Thank a Teacher program is a Center for Teaching and Learning initiative. How does it work? Students go to and fill out a form. Letters are briefly screened in the Center for Teaching and Learning, and then they are printed. The note is then sent through campus mail to the person being thanked, along with a certificate and a letter explaining that someone has written a note on their behalf. Every person who receives a note will be invited to participate in Celebrating Teaching Day and/or Dean Griffin Day in March.