SunTrust Video Production/Animation Intern

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The SunTrust Innovation Programs Team works with other SunTrust departments to find ways to make SunTrust better and a more enjoyable place to work. They are looking for a video production/animation intern who can start as soon as possible! Animation skills are a must.

The ideal candidate…

  • Understands Motion Graphics/Motion Media Design
  • Understands Graphic Design
  • Can create 2D Computer Graphics
  • Can create 3D Animation
  • Can do concept and storyboarding
  • Is proficient with After Effects, Premiere Pro, Illustrator, and Photoshop
  • Can do the end-to-end process alone (can story-board, then create assets, then animate the assets and create an awesome video)
  • Can also work well in a group creating videos (e.g. work with the team’s illustrator by taking her creations and animating them to make a video)
  • Understands good story-telling and film techniques
  • MUST HAVE a portfolio for the team to review
  • Extra that would be cool: live-action video capturing and editing experience and experience setting up a full “studio” set

Applicants should email Hans Eckman at


I (Jenny Ziaukas, the person who makes the blog posts) am currently a technical writing intern for this department. It is a wonderful, positive work environment. If you have ANY interest in the position, I definitely recommend applying.