SunTrust Video Editing Intern

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“Innovation Programs at SunTrust aims to create an environment that encourages experimentation, cooperation, speed, and a freedom to fail. We believe that it’s okay to be awesome. Seriously.  We are looking for a visual storyteller who understands basic technical and conceptual aspects of video production and editing.” –Hans Eckman

Position Details and Requirements:

  • The video intern will be responsible for shooting, editing and publishing event videos (corporate road shows, special events, and town halls), interviews, promotional clips and background video.
  • Intermediate skill with basic video formats and editing: Import, video file types, sorting and annotating footage, file conversion, clipping, basic transitions, editing multiple video clips, sound editing
  • Ability to animate prepared visual assets
  • Experience shooting video in different settings: interviews, news/presentation, crowd reaction, stock/background
  • Intermediate to advanced skill using Adobe After Effects and Premier
  • Ability to learn or use different editing suites
  • Knowledge of lighting, recording or editing audio, set design for various locations like one-on-one interviews is a plus
  • Advertising and design a plus

Their goal is to offer full-time employment following graduation to the right candidate.

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To apply, email Hans Eckman at