Student Assistant for Grant Proposal Preparation Support, Spring 2018 ($15/hr)

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Student Assistant for Grant Proposal Preparation Support, Spring 2018 ($15/hr)
The School of Modern Languages is looking for an undergraduate or graduate assistant (hourly) for Spring 2018 to work on collection, compilation, and presentation data for a  large federal grant proposal in the area of international studies. Types of tasks include: 
  • Canvassing academic program data
  • Preparing charts and tables, formatting
  • Soliciting data from GT and GSU faculty and library services
  • Developing data summaries
  • Conducting information searches
Candidates must have strong communication skills, excellent attention to detail, facility in formatting and use of Excel, accuracy in transcribing numbers and foreign names and the ability to complete tasks independently. The candidate will garner strong proposal preparation skills from this position, in addition to learning about the global education landscape at Georgia Tech, the federal funding landscape, and national priorities in global education and intercultural studies. 
Please send a cover letter (one page, 300 words) describing your experience and skill set along with your CV by February 9, 2018 to:
Fariah Majmundar: