STE(A)M Truck Mobile Maker Space Pre-Teaching Internship Deadline April 10

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Deadline: April 10, 2017 by 11:59 p.m.


For: undergrads and graduate students (U.S. citizens, permanent residents and international)


Our Partnership

The Georgia Tech Pre-Teaching program, which supports Georgia Tech undergraduates, graduate students, and alumni considering careers in K-12 education, has partnered with STE(A)M Truck to create a unique, paid internship opportunity in our local education communities. STE(A)M Truck is a program of Community Guilds Inc., an Atlanta based non-profit organization, that focuses on delivering an innovative, gap-closing approach to elementary and middle school education.


What does STE(A)M truck do exactly?

STE(A)M = Science, Technology, Engineering, (Arts), and Mathematics. STE(A)M Truck is a mobile makerspace that offers an experience anchored by a rigorous, experiential learning-based curriculum. The support and collective expertise of the local community is what brings the STE(A)M Truck experience to life. Adult STE(A)M role models – maker-mentors, STE(A)M designers, and local artists, along with educators in local schools – work closely with young students in Atlanta to tackle real problems, design solutions, and build things. Students learn the design process and develop a sense of self-efficacy as they create their own solutions. Educators also learn and are inspired over the 20-day award winning program. They leave better-equipped to bring similar instructional concepts and methodologies into their classrooms once the truck pulls out of the parking lot. How cool is that?


How can I become part of this maker community?

Apply to be an intern!


What will I do as an intern?

As an intern, you will have the opportunity to:

  • observe the instructional practices of experienced educators and community experts
  • experience an innovative approach to school reform
  • collaboratively plan “maker” infused lessons with a team of educators
  • assist staff in planning and executing problem-based learning activities
  • assist staff in planning and executing professional learning experiences
  • set up, implement, supervise, and break down mobile makerspace labs
  • develop extension activities
  • lead small group and whole class instruction as deemed appropriate
  • acquire skills in classroom management under the supervision of an educator
  • improve students’ course content mastery
  • assess student work and provide feedback to students under supervision
  • assist staff in the design of appropriate assessments of student learning
  • use backwards design to develop lessons that provide students with a clear path to mastery




Where is the main office of Community Guilds Inc.?

c/o Center of Civic Innovation, 3rd Floor

115 M.L.K. Jr. Dr., N.W.

Atlanta, GA 30303


Which schools will I work in?

The specific school locations will be determined by a variety of factors. You will have the opportunity to work with different schools because the STE(A)M Truck is a mobile makerspace and only stays in one place for about three weeks.


What are the eligibility requirements?

  • current undergraduate or graduate student at Georgia Tech
  • have a 2.0 or higher cumulative G.P.A. when applying and for the entire internship duration
  • be in current good academic standing
  • have a strong background in mathematics or science; engineering design preferred
  • the specific discipline focus of the internship will be dependent upon the selected applicant


International students are eligible to apply. You do not have to commit to becoming a teacher to intern.


Will I have a mentor?

You will have a maker-mentor with whom they will spend the entire semester. The maker-mentor is a selected STE(A)M Truck staff member charged with programming implementation. Additional support will be provided by a Community Guilds administrator and the Georgia Tech Pre-Teaching Advisor.


What skills will I acquire as an intern?

You will develop fundamental STEAM curriculum design and teaching skills during the internship. Skills will be introduced over the course of the term in order to provide you the time and support (scaffolding) to help you move towards independence in executing such skills. You will also learn about the additional responsibilities of being an educator. The specific skills are detailed in the Skills Acquisition Timeline at the end of this document.


What will my schedule and pay be?

The internship will be for Fall 2017 semester (August 21 – December 14, 2017). Your specific weekly schedule (days/times) will be determined by STE(A)M Truck and in accordance with your class schedule. You will generally work 20 hours per week for 16 weeks at $10/hour (maximum 320 hours and $3200 with no available overtime). Internship funding is provided by STE(A)M Truck. Interns are expected to work during Georgia Tech holidays that do not correspond with those observed by STE(A)M Truck.


Do I get academic credit hours for the internship? Will this experience show up on my transcript?

This internship is a partnership between Community Guilds Inc. and the Georgia Tech Center for Career Discovery and Development (C2D2) and qualifies for six audit credit hours (no tuition or fees) and official transcript designation only if officially registered through C2D2. The audit credit hours serve as academic credit hour placeholders towards full-time status, and you only have to register for the additional number in academic credit hours to achieve full-time student status (12 credit hours) as long as you officially register. 6 registered audit credit hours + 6 registered academic credit hours = full-time student status. Details regarding how to register the internship will be provided after the completion of the selection process. Failure to register will result in the loss of the aforementioned benefits. Phase 1 registration is March 27 – May 19, 2017. Phase 2 registration is August 12 – 25, 2017.


What about my financial aid and graduation goals?

Participation in this internship may limit or preclude you from taking courses for academic credit. You are responsible for consulting with your financial aid advisors (if applicable) before applying to ensure that accepting an internship with audit credit hours is permissible. You are also responsible for consulting with your academic advisors before applying to ensure that the internship will not hinder your graduation goals.


Intern Responsibilities

As an intern, you shall abide by all policies set forth by Community Guilds Inc. and the STE(A)M Truck program, including having a background check. You will be responsible for completing all paperwork and for carrying out all responsibilities assigned during the internship and outlined by Community Guilds Inc., STE(A)M Truck, and Georgia Tech Center for Career Discovery and Development in order to receive internship credit and monetary compensation. Failure to fulfill all responsibilities can result in receiving an internship transcript designation of “unsuccessful audit” and the loss of the audit credit hour benefit.


More Information

Jason Martin, Executive Director, at or 404.783.6087

Susan Belmonte, Georgia Tech Pre-Teaching Advisor, at or 404.385.3494



Deadline: April 10, 2017 by 11:59 p.m.



WEEK SKILLS INTRODUCED (Previous skills incorporated)


Maker Based Approach to Learning: Develop/Understand STE(A)M Truck procedures through observation

·       safety procedures

·       set up/take down of mobile makerspaces

·       Identify specific standards for 20 day program

·       Support 21st century/soft skills development

·       Assist small groups and individual students



Building essential STEM delivery skills

·       Identify driving questions

·       Observe staff & assist with maker education approaches

·       Observe staff

·       Lead STE(A)M Trunk (opening) lesson at least four times

·       Create, implement, & lead closing activity at least 4x



Designing assessments

·       Assist in delivering pre/post evaluations of students

·       Conduct daily mini assessments and student surveys




Standards as the framework for lessons and assessment

·       Lead Huddle and review Game Plan for at least four days

  • Assist in assessment of lesson effectiveness standards links



Developing One and Two Day Builds

·       Research and review best practices for infusing maker education into the classroom setting

·       Continued familiarization of standards and linking standards to lessons and assessment

·       Assist in development of one and two day Builds

·       Lead at one or two day build





Design and Plan a Big Build

·       Connect a teacher’s scope & sequence to Big Build

·       Incorporate design thinking approach so Big Build is aligned to scope and sequence but also tackles a real problem

·       Create assessment and evaluation metrics and tools

·       Write a complete Big Build unit plan (typically 5-7 days)

·       Lead a Crew for entire Big Build

·       Evaluate Crew’s success based on above assessments



Prepare Share day STEAM Showcase

·       Outline grade level specific presentation expectations

·       Develop materials (brochures, etc.) for event

·       Support students in showcase presentation skills