Rollins School of Public Health Videography Opportunity

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The Rollins School of Public health is interested in recruiting a student from a different institution who would be interested in working with maternal populations or refugee populations, improving birth outcomes, or simply interested in public health to join their multidisciplinary team of Rollins public health students. The team is partnering with Embrace Refugee Birth Support, a Clarkson-based nonprofit that supports refugee women throughout the pregnancy, birth, and postpartum experience. Specifically, the team is looking for someone in a STEM field with videography experience to make their application more competitive.

The first year of the project will film educational films for pregnant, Somali mothers; the second year will expand upon the first year to develop additional videos for Embrace’s other refugee clients.

Both graduate and undergraduate students are welcome to apply.

Please contact Reilly Alu (MSPP student at Georgia Tech) at for questions or concerns about the opportunity.