Registration is Here!

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Registration Information and Reminders

Many students use CourseOff to prepare their desired schedules, however I highly recommend that you utilize the GT site (Schedule of Classes) in conjunction with CourseOff to see important information such as prerequisites, permits/restrictions and more.

1. Download/use this document:

2. Download/use a checklist. ALL checklists have the same front page for core and major core classes. ALL back pages are customized

    for your threads of choice. Checklists can be found here:

3. If you are ready to declare your threads (also known as concentrations) the steps can be found here: Freshman do not need to worry

    about doing this yet, but if you know what you would like to focus on, you may of course declare. Sophomores, depending

    on how many core and electives are filled, can usually declare their concentrations even later in their sophomore year

    or just after. Many people know which threads they want so go for it! If you change your mind later, that is okay too.

    Juniors and seniors should have their threads determined and entered.

4. Once you have selected classes that you would like to take — if you know you are on track, great! If you have questions 

    or you are mulling over some decisions, make an appointment. 

    For appointments you must come prepared with a checklist filled out (see items 1-2 above). 


  • Most LMC Courses will see capacities increased on TUESDAY, please keep this in mind when planning your schedules
  • Permitting always ends one day before Registration closes.  This is a Registrar mandate.  
  • LMC 2000 is only taught in the fall semester.
  • LMC 2050: You need to have taken LMC 2000 and ENGL 1102 to register for 2050
  • Senior Seminars are only taught in the Fall/Spring semesters. Do not wait for summer, because there isn’t one.
  • Do not make an appointment to see me to start from scratch. You must have looked through the above links/materials and have some idea of a game plan before coming by. 
  • Classes can not “double-count” in one category and another. Yes, many LMC courses are humanities but you will need to choose what category you want a particular class in.
  • The only exception to double-counting are free electives. Electives MAY be counted towards a minor or certificate. 

Graduating Seniors — do not forget to apply to graduateDirectionsFAQs  

Appointments are available with Jillann Hertel via GradesFirst OR if there is not a time available that meets your needs: please email her at with your windows of availability