NPR Spring Internship in DC

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NPR’s policy and representation sector is seeking an intern for the spring semester. While NPR has a strong intern program, this small department is a little behind in posting and recruiting, so they reached out directly for any candidates, giving you the opportunity to get into NPR through a direct channel. This is a for-credit internship. Keep in mind that only up-to 9 credits are accepted pass/fail and internships for credit are pass/fail and apply to free electives or LMC electives. 
Some of their most pressing policy issues these days are related to spectrum reallocation and music licensing/copyright reform, among others.
If you are interested in pursuing this, Jill Ann needs your letter of interest and resume (as PDF attachments) ASAP to forward on to the folks seeking the fill the position.
If you are offered the opportunity Amanda and JillAnn can work with you to work out the credits/academic side of this!
This is a public policy-focused internship so those with Social Justice backgrounds in LMC along with any of the following: Media, Communication, or STAC threads may be the most transferable. Don’t let that limit you of course, but rather be a general guide to the types of students they may favor out of LMC with compatible backgrounds.