MLB is Recruiting the Next Generation of Leaders

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Baseball is a historic game consisting of the world’s very best players, whose collective background is as diverse as any other group of athletes in professional sport, continually building the National Pastime’s unmatched legacy of iconic on-field performances while creating its unquestionable mystique.

Success on the field is not measured by a singular measurement of perfection, but rather how a team of individuals with different skills comes together to achieve a common goal. Each and every day, teams seek the best talent in order to stay ahead of the curve in the ultra-competitive landscape of the Major Leagues.

Major League Baseball understands that we must apply that same approach to our front offices in order to secure the game’s next generation of leadership. With that in mind, we are proud to launch the inaugural MLB Diversity Fellowship Program.



This latest venture in Baseball’s efforts to competitively recruit the most talented individuals and brightest young minds entering the workforce will provide the opportunity for young, diverse professionals to experience front office positions that have been traditionally influential in baseball operations decisions.

The MLB Diversity Fellowship Program will allow us to stay true to the ideals of equal opportunity while solidifying Major League Baseball as an organization of choice for all recent graduates, including people of color and women.

This distinct opportunity will place candidates in entry-level roles within one of the MLB Clubs and MLB’s Central Office. The Club-based program will be an 18-to-24 month commitment in a front office or baseball operations role at one of the MLB Clubs around the country participating in the MLB Diversity Fellowship Program.

Additionally, Major League Baseball will offer three entry-level fellowships with a rotational, three-year phase opportunity to: (1) two years in Baseball Operations, focusing on International Operations & Scouting, Umpiring and On-field Rules & Regulations; and (2) one year working within the League Economics Department.



Rules and Conditions of The MLB Diversity Fellowship program are as follows:

  • Candidates must be recent graduates (no more than 24 months post-graduation) with either a Bachelor’s degree, Master’s Degrees or related advanced degree.
  • A woman or person of color
  • P.A. of at least 3.2 or higher
  • A passion for and knowledge of baseball is helpful but not required
  • While all disciplines are eligible to apply, we strongly encourage candidates with degrees and/or knowledge in economics, analytics, computer science, law and business degrees, to submit applications.
  • For those candidates interested in the Club Fellowship Program, a commitment of at least 18 months of employment is required at any participating Club in which you are placed. (Exact locations are up to the discretion of Major League Baseball and participating Clubs.)
  • For those candidates interested in the Office of the Commissioner Fellowship Program, you must commit to at least three years of employment located in New York City.
  • For more information and to apply, go to
  • For additional questions regarding the MLB Diversity Fellowship Program, reach us at
  • The deadline for application is FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 17, 2017 by 5pm EST.

Application documentation:

  • Resume (Cover letter is optional)
  • Transcript
  • Two letters of recommendation
  • A personal statement (500 words or less)
  • Baseball Essay (500 words or less)


Department of Diversity & Inclusion Major League Baseball
Office of the Commissioner
245 Park Avenue, 34th Floor

New York, NY 10167