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LMC is hosting an informal STAR WARS chat

the 30th of November at 11am in Skiles 002.

A conversation that we had with some students in the colab sparked the idea and the new Star Wars movie is coming out

on December 15, 2017, so let’s do this!


November 30th is the last date before finals where there is an available 11am hour and it is the closest

time to the theatrical release we could muster!


Please join us & dress for the occasion if you are so inspired…

No RSVP necessary.


May The Force Be With You!

P.S. We hope to have an inclusive conversation and would love students and professors/staff who are 

interested in helping out to let us know via email who you are so we can include you in the

planning reach out at  jillann.hertel@lmc.gatech.edu