CoHub: LMC Department Intern for Credit

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3 credits in LMC Elective, FALL 2017

The LMC CoHub (Community Outreach and Engagement Space in Skiles 338) seeks an intern to provide alumni and community outreach support. The CoHub is a new LMC community space created to oversee alumni activities, bring together LMC alums with current students and faculty, and organize and develop new outreach initiatives for LMC.

Primary tasks for the intern will include: assisting with the planning of our annual alumni event, organizing and working with LMC alumni databases; assisting with design, reorganization, and updates/maintenance of the current LMC alumni web pages; creating online newsletters and print materials related to LMC alumni and community outreach; collaborating with LMC CoHub/CoLab staff and interns to design materials related to the CoHub and assist with events and activities throughout the year.

Minimum qualifications include:

–Strong communication and writing skills

–Strong organizational skills

–Interest in public relations/outreach; event planning; and marketing/development

–Interest in web development and graphic design

Preferred qualifications include:

–Proficiency with HTML and content management systems (eg. WordPress, Drupal)

–Proficiency with Adobe Suite

–Proficiency with Excel

–Experience with event planning and marketing/development


EMAIL Dr. NARIN HASSAN with short statement of interest/cover letter in email is fine,  Resume, & Portfolio (if you have one).