Call for Film Submissions: College Traditions Short Films

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There are more college traditions out there than we can possibly get to, so we want you to share your stories with us. We know there are talented videographers out there — show us your stuff! Take us inside your traditions and be creative with your filmmaking. We’ll periodically highlight the best submissions. Guidelines:

  • You must be an active student or team of students!
  • Your submission should be a short film, no longer than three minutes. Faculty can advise and help you, but we want to showcase your work.
  • The video should tell a story — what’s the context of the ritual and what do students or faculty think of it? It must be a real tradition, and nothing should be set up just for the video. Be creative, but be safe. We are not responsible for any injuries or damage to equipment.
  • Successful entries will be authentic looks at your college traditions, not promotional pieces. There are plenty of great outlets for promotional material. But this is a documentary narrative.

Email a link to your video to by December 3, 2015. Include a list of who should be credited as well as a brief description of the film. Be prepared to deliver a 1280 x 720p H.264 version via Dropbox if your film is selected.

More information here.