Book Editing Opportunity

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Project. Assist author in editing and completing a book (business management oriented but not too technical). The intended audiences are college students, early career professionals, and managers.

Expectations. The work may include refining the outline, critiquing content, performing initial edits, interacting with author and senior editor, etc…

The Author. This Dunwoody based author is an expert in the Customer Care domain. This field of work includes vast amount of support functions such as IT, HR, Compliance, and Workforce Management to name a few. The author’s reasons for wanting to write a book is to share the passion he has for the field of work by educating early career professionals on how they can help the profession as well as benefit from participating in this field of work. The author believes there is a lack of understanding by huge swaths of the population. There is a lot of untouched growth potentials for people to explore. There are plenty of opportunities for early career, experienced, as well as advanced senior level executive placements. Customer Care is beyond phones; it now includes social media such as Facebook and Twitter. There is always a proactive component that touches on public relations as well. For example, when people think of Customer Care, most do not think of the massive amount of data that is created and managed by the hour, and if someone has strong analytical inclinations (math, finance, or engineering majors included), there is a lot of room for them to contribute to and learn from this field of work. By writing and completing the book, the author hopes to educate individuals and educational institutions to take a second and third look at this profession as an area of focus for themselves or their students. For more information on the author check out his LinkedIn profile.

Requirements. English majors to assist in first level editing as well as final level editing.
– Ability to conceptualize topics that you may not be familiar with.
– Ability to keep the reader in mind and seek to be absolutely clear.
– Speed reading and editing.
– Comfortable giving constructive feedback even if negative in a professional manner.
– Use of references will not be approved so research is not needed.
– Prior editing experience valued.

– The author is focused on developing original content; does not want to use references.
– References will be used with author’s advanced written approval in official collaboration with partnering organizations only.

Compensation. Based on skill; negotiable. Trial edits before full engagement to ensure calibration. Signed simple agreement on terms. May engage more than one resource. Be sure to address your hourly pay negotiations in your application to the author.

Thomas Telahun

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