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Assessment+ loves people and data. They believe happy employees make the world go ’round, and are in need of extra feet on the ground to help capture real employees & students to gain better insight into their workplaces and opinions! They’re looking for three main categories of content, and will pay for everything they use.


Street Interviews

Their goal is to gather randomized data for a research project about various topics that relate to employee engagement, the best bosses, attributes of a leader, reasons people love their jobs, etc. They have several examples of questions to ask – (think, “On a scale of 1 – 10, how happy are you at your job?” and “How often do you get recognized at work?”) – but if you come up with awesome questions that result in compelling content, they’re open to it.

So, where would you come in? By serving as their eyes and ears! Introduce yourself and explain that you’re working with a leadership development firm to gather data for a research project. If they’re interested, ask the question(s), record the answer, and capture some demographics (typically age, industry they work within, full or part-time, gender, etc.). You can interview people you know, as well as complete strangers (with their explicit permission). This is an ongoing initiative and the research will require a significant sample size, so they simply want to start this process and start gathering data.


Emerging Leaders

They would love to spotlight young, emerging leaders who are high-school or college students and have demonstrated exceptional leadership. Serving in leadership positions at school, in their community, volunteering, managing multiple responsibilities while keeping a high GPA, thinking innovatively, demonstrating entrepreneurship qualities, etc.

Their goal is to research what high school and college students are doing globally. This will take time, energy, and perseverance to find candidates, research their credentials, connect with them, and interview them (either via Skype/GoToMeeting/Facetime) or sending the questions via email. They’ll screen the recommended candidates to give you the go-ahead to interview, and pay you for each completed set of answers!


Instagram Content

Is your dream job getting paid to post on Instagram? If so, they’re looking for content for two different research projects:

  • Firstly, they’re researching and promoting the perks of virtual work environments. They need high quality photos of people working in coffee shops, courtyards, parks, etc. Be creative! The photos can be of friends as well, as long as they play the role as an “employee”. They are trying to spotlight various people working in different locations to use for our research about how giving employees flexibility & opportunities to work outside of an office, will boost their productivity, creativity, innovation and engagement.
  • Secondly, They think Instagram content could supplement our “Street Interviews” initiative! They’ll have questions drafted that prompt short answers – (think, “What is one word you’d use to describe the BEST boss you’ve ever had?”) – and need you to capture these answers on a white board to promote across social media and blog articles!