African Student Association Book Drive

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Imagine attending an English class without a single novel. Or going to calculus and having to share your textbook with five other students. Difficult to fathom, right? Well this is the case in many African schools across the continent. This semester, the GT African Student Association(ASA) is striving to help end the book famine in Africa by hosting a campus-wide book drive! But we need your help! We need as many books as we can get! Take a look in your office and your home bookshelf. Do you have textbooks or novels that you haven’t picked up in years? Consider making a donation. There are bright and brilliant students who could use them every day! We need as many books as we can get! Please help us give the gift of learning to African children!


How to Donate:


  • Books: There will be drop off locations all over campus. Find your nearest one and place your donation in the box. The attached flyer lists all the available locations.
  • Money: It costs about 50 cents to ship a single book. Consider donating money to help cover the costs of shipping our donation! To make a donation, please visit this link to the Books for Africa Website. All donations are tax-deductible! After you donate, please email our treasurer at a to notify us of the amount of your donation! We want to recognize you!
  • Time: At the end of our drive, we will be participating in the Books for Africa Packing Event on November 2nd, where we will help sort and pack books for shipping. Sign up for a shift here!