Aerospace Lab Looking For Scientific or Sci-Fi Illustrators!

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Court Bivens, the chief of engineering of the Aerospace Lab in GTRI is looking for scientific/sci-fi illustrators that could illustrate some advanced concepts for them to be used at trade shows and in publications.  For instance they are developing an advanced jetpack, but would like to have a real nice illustration of the concept to portray where we are going with the research.  They are also developing a robotic landing gear that could be used on the Martian lander but would like to develop an illustration that shows the concept.

The right illustrator they hire could expect to make about $20/hr, maybe more if their credentials are excellent. His/her work would focus on illustrating these type of scenes:


1. Soldier Vertical Mobility System (jetpack + exoskeleton + HUD helmet)

a. Urban warfare scene – possibly moving through a warzone in Syria or Iraq

b. Naval Infiltration – using the SVMS to board an enemy ship deck from a smaller boat

c. Vertical Mobility in Wilderness – using SVMS to scale a cliff or other natural obstacles


2.  Exoskeleton – modified exoskeleton for various environments

a. Medical – exoskeleton worn by medics on battlefield

b. Martian – exoskeleton for exploration of Mars

c. Space Station – exoskeleton for resistance training/experimentation aboard ISS and the Martian Manned mission


3.  Heads-Up Display (HUD)

a. Various illustrations of first-person view through HUD

 As far as hours and deadlines go – this would be a slightly unstructured internship where the focus is on quality illustration. They expect that the artist would put in about 5-15 hours per week with no set schedule. They would want to get concept sketches from the artist periodically, give them feedback, and collaboratively decide on which drawings to polish up and finalize. They would be working with the artist over a period of months and up to a year or more depending on the how the project progresses.


Submit Portfolio/resume/interest/questions to:

Put “Scientific Illustrator” in the subject line.