6th Womensphere Emerging Leaders Global Summit

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We had extended the discounted Early Registration for academic participants to this Friday, February 5 (on www.womenspheresummit.com).   In addition, we have discounted registration for faculty/staff/student participants as well. I am happy to help if you have any questions or need more info, or need assistance in facilitating academic delegates to the Summit. Final Registration Date is February 26.


Check out the 6th Womensphere Emerging Leaders Global Summit on Creating the Future on March 3-5, 2016 in New York City. 

The dates for the Womensphere Global Artfest and other global virtual interscholastic competitions for female students are March 1-8, 2016, in line with the 2nd Womensphere Festival on March 1-8, and falling within Women’s History Month.

Both outstanding female faculty and outstanding female students (under 45) are welcome at Womensphere Emerging Leaders Global Awards.  They also welcome all faculty and staff (both men and women) who are interested in participating in discussing the topics at the Summit, or presenting and sharing their novel solutions or relevant research at the Summit.  

The Womensphere Summit covers three broad themes each day, and participation could be on one or more of the days at the Summit:

  • March 3 (Day 1) – The 4th Industrial Revolution, and Advancing Women in STEAM & Innovation  (STEM with Arts)
  • March 4 (Day 2) – The Global Goals for Sustainable Development, and Advancing Women in Global Leadership
  • March 5 (Day 3) – Advancing Women in Entrepreneurship and Social Innovation, given the Context of the 4th Industrial Revolution and the Global Goals for Sustainable Development

They are honoring all of the Award Nominees at the Summit this March, and they will have the opportunity to meet with their peers. All participants will take part in the Womensphere Leadership-Innovation Accelerators, as well as be among the first to discuss the themes of our Summit with global leaders and global innovators.

Register here: www.womenspheresummit.com


Additionally, check out their global interscholastic competition for women, done in partnership with NASA and the United Nations, and taking place globally and virtually, on February 13-19, 2016