Marketing Brand Challenge: Subaru

Call for entries for the 2019 Effie Collegiate Brand Challenge presented by Subaru of America, Inc. is now open. For this year’s competition, Subaru has tasked students with developing an integrated marketing campaign that reinvents the experience of purchasing a new car … Read More

MARTA INTERNSHIP: Media and Communications

 Here’s information about their program: Position Title Media Communication Student Intern Location Atlanta, GA, US Organization Name Dir of Media Communications Date Start 28-Mar-2018 Closing Date 13-Apr-2018 Qualifications ·         Positive team player with a passion for the media communications ·         Strong … Read More

Updated Spring 2018 Course Descriptions

Literature, Media, and Communication   Spring 2018   Course Descriptions    LMC  2050  29130 Lit, Media, Comm Seminar    Instructor:  Santesso          (TR 1:30-2:45  Skiles 169)   Course restricted: Only LMC majors.      LMC Seminar: Utopia and Dystopia  In this seminar, we will trace the history of utopian thought (particularly … Read More

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