Auslander Radio is a class project made by students in my section of ENGL 1102: English Composition II  — (The students named the project without my knowledge!) The topic of this section was the history of radio in the United States, which we examined from historical, social, cultural, economic, and regulatory perspectives.


Around the middle of the semester, we divided the class into five working groups, each of which constituted itself as a fictional radio station. The assignment was for each station to produce a scoped aircheck to represent a segment of programming that would appear on that station on a specific date at a specific time. Each station chose a radio programming format (e.g., Top 40, Album Oriented Rock, Contemporary Hit Radio) and produced broadcasting that conforms to the format. This audio production work is supported by a document explaining the research and process that went into making the aircheck and a visual artifact to represent the station (essentially some kind of advertisement such as a billboard or poster).


The term “aircheck” means a recording made from a live radio broadcast. In the radio industry, the primary function of these recordings is to allow station management and their programming consultants a way of scrutinizing the broadcast activity of the stations on-air personalities to be sure each one’s work is appropriate to the station’s tone. Disc jockeys also use them for self-critique and to market themselves. The term “scoped,” short for telescoped, refers to a kind of aircheck in which material is recorded only while the announcer’s microphone is on. For our purposes, I asked that the students abbreviate the songs they chose, including only the very beginning and very end of each one. In this manner, an air check lasting 10-15 minutes can represent a broadcast lasting an hour or more.


There was a sixth working group called the Design Council, with one member from each of the radio station groups, whose job was to find a way of bringing the work of all the groups together in a single project, an interface that would allow a user to experience both the audial and visual dimensions of the class’s work. At my request, the Design Council presented three options to the class who chose one by vote. The selected one uses Prezi as its platform.


The result is Auslander Radio. Please listen, look, and enjoy the work of a very talented group of students.


Philip Auslander


School of LMC


The Radio Stations

WACK 91.5 FM Detroit

Air Date: 6/22/85

Format: Album Oriented Rock


Ashwin Ignatius, Operations Manager

Jacob Padden, Sales Manager

Thomas Quinn, Chief Engineer

Chaitya Shah, Business Manager

Thomas Wraback, News Director


WZNE 101.9 FM Atlanta

Air Date: 12/31/99

Format: Top 40


Nick Babcock, Traffic Manager

Elizabeth Balinao, Technician

James Moriarty, Sales Manager

Clarke Shelton, Promotions Manager

Clara Sparkman, Reporter


WBUZ 102.1 FM New York City

Air Date: 12/9/80

Format: Contemporary Hit Radio


Kendal Lin, DJ

Christina Mathew Promotions Manager

Adanma Robertson, General Manager

Cole Taylor, Reporter

Kyle Varnedoe, Chief Engineer


KISX 105.5 FM Santa Monica

Air Date: 12/31/2005

Format: Contemporary Hit Radio


Cally Decherd, Operations

Mariana Luna, Sales Manager

Sophie Mittelstadt, Chief Engineer

Katie Neil, Business Manager

Sarah Nixon, News Director


KFPR 107.1 FM San Francisco

Air Date: 6/19/67

Format: Freeform “Underground” Rock


Adrianna Agustín, Promotions Manager

Maxwell Bronstein, Engineer

Susannah Doss, Building Maintenance Manager

Ron Patterson, DJ

Collin Whittaker, General Manager