Mixing liberal arts with science may seem odd, but at Georgia Tech, you can do that! The liberal arts program at Tech is so unique and diverse, allowing its students to really explore their interests as much as they’d like. As humans, we are curious by nature and are therefore drawn to different interests. Being a LMC major and also being pre-med allows me to delve in all these various passions that I have; while I ultimately want to go to medical school, I also want to learn more about visual communication tools, social issues, and their intersections with science and culture in order to develop a different perspective on medicine. LMC has so many opportunities to grow, discover, and create my own personalized career path.

Of the classes I’ve taken so far, my favorite has been LMC 3318 (Biomedicine and Culture) with Professor Anne Pollock because it opened my eyes to a different view on medicine, medical technologies, medical professional roles, and their respective cultural implications.