My name is Alexander Reese and I am a sprinter for Georgia Tech Track and Field. I chose LMC over all the other majors because I had a built-in interest in design, digital media, and movie production. Friends and family have always told me that I am a dreamer with great ideas. They were always supportive and told me that my creativity should not go to waste and that I should follow a creative career path.

The threads that I follow are Media and Communication. In LMC, I test my abilities in design through innovative projects that utilize the tools that are available in the program. LMC majors do it all; we create movie posters, Ads, and even our own short films. With the skills that I have learned, I look forward to being a great designer in the field of graphic design and digital media. I have always had a interest in video games and movies, so in the future I will look for an opportunity to fulfillmy dreams of becoming a video game designer/artist or even to help create movies.